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Frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost?

The service is free for Care Coordinators/ Case Managers; it is also totally free for families or consumers who want to search for services. If you are an agency or provider who wants to list your services this is also free of charge. The only cost is to Group Homes, ALH, or residential placements who want to post an opening in their homes. This costs just $50.00 per month.

Is my information shared? And is this HIPAA compliant?

You will never have to enter or provide any personal information to access Waiver Market, as such no personal information is ever shared, and it never will be. We only collect information from agencies, providers, and Care Coordinators/ Case Managers about their services and programs. As an authorized family member or someone receiving services, you will be assigned a unique username and password from your Care Coordinator/Case Manager to access the Waiver Market. That’s it. You will never be asked or required to enter any personal or medical information on Waiver Market, and your Care Coordinator/Case Manager will not share your unique username and password with anyone else.

How do I contact the service provider or homes that I am interested in?

Great question. In order to keep information protected and to maintain a flow of communication via your Care Coordinator/ Case Manager we have all of your inquiries go to the CC/CM to contact the agency or home you are interested in. When you select to receive more information your CC/CM will be notified. You may contact your CC/CM to follow up (They will be notified). This keeps everyone in the loop and minimizes confusion by all parties.

Is this just for adults?

No it is not. We post the services your state offers. If for some reason your state only offers services to adults then your search will be limited to only adult. If your state offers a wider array of services we will be able to list those services in your searches.

Do I need to have a Medicaid Waiver to access this service?

In every state there is an initial eligibility review that anyone accessing services must go through. If you have not gone through an eligibility process yet you may look at our listing of CC/CM in your area that can navigate you through the process.

At this time we are only listing services for those individuals who are eligible and have received a Medicaid waiver in their state. We hope to expand this listing in the future.

How do I get an account?

1) First step is to either notify your CC/CM and ask them to set up their account

2) They can send you an invite

3) From that invite you can set up your personal account (very easy and requires very little information)

4) Start searching.

What if my Care Coordinator or Case Manager does not have an account with Waivermarket?

In order to ensure we keep this site safe we screen every CC/ CM application we get. If your CC/CM does not have an account please ask them to sign up. It is free for them and is a great tool they can use for your services and for others. If they still refuse email me and I will connect with them personally to see what we can do for you.

Can my family or trusted friend have an account?

Yes. If you trust them we trust them. Just notify your CC/ CM and send them an invite. They set up an account just like you do and can help in your search for services.

What do I need to sign up?

  1. 1) Email address.
  2. 2) Password.
  3. 3) State certification or license.
  4. 4) Emails of caseload for upload and invite.