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Our Story

Everyone's voice is important. Choice is a must.

Our company was built on the idea that everyone should receive respect and a voice in the choices that effect their lives. This website is being built through a collaboration of Thrive, and Opportunities, Inc. Our combined expertise in human services and internet development have created a product we believe will be a fair and free marketplace for people with disabilities and their caregivers.


We think values matter.

fair treatment


a. The quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed.



  • a. Free from pretense or deceit.
  • b. Easily detected or seen through.
  • c. Readily understood.
  • d. Characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices.


  • a. The act of choosing.
  • b. Power of choosing.
  • c. A person or thing chose.
  • d. A number and variety to choose among a plan with a wide choice of options.

We are Waiver Market.

Seth Kelly

Seth Kelley


From 2008-2013 I had the privilege to serve as the Executive Director of FOCUS, Inc. Throughout my career working with people with disabilities I have tried to deliver services that promoted the individual and their independence.

I Served as Lead on Let’s All Play project. Through a community partnership we constructed the first all inclusive playground in Alaska. I also served as Secretary on the Key Campaign Coalition Board of Directors: A statewide coalition to advocate for the policy and equality for Alaska’s disabled population. In 2012, I was also awarded the top forty under forty in Alaska.

In my career I have had the opportunity to work as a direct care worker, as an executive director and as the brother of Samantha who receives services in Massachusetts. I believe in the rights of people to have a choice in where they live, what they do and who they live with. It's about choice, respect and independence, together we can make this a reality.

Seth Kelly

Cailte Kelley


Raised in the rural part of Massachusetts, Cailte Kelley was always known as a talent, whether it was his leadership ability, to athletics but mostly for his creative talent. He was a celebrated singer/songwriter in Junior High School and his popularity continued to grow throughout New England. He was also recognized for his leadership abilities in athletics, most notably as the Nathan Hale Award for Track and Field.

Cailte spent many years as a professional musician, touring across the country and working with some of the biggest names in Country Music. He was a featured songwriter at The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville TN. He gave up his music career to raise his family and go back to school.

He graduated as a Community Leader honor with an Associates in Arts for general studies from Mount Wachusett Community College and has been slowly working towards a BA in Business Management. What he lacks in book smarts, he’s been able to make up by being a student of business in the real world. He ran his own record label, consulted many start up music acts and other businesses.

He’s a celebrated motivational and educational speaker who has spoken to numerous gatherings from grade school students to post graduate students and business owners. His speeches focus on the power of believing in yourself, the importance of setting goals, and never giving up.

He is a sought after sales professional due to his conversational style and consultative approach. After years of selling and consulting with Business in utilizing wireless technology, he today manages accounts in New England and Eastern Canada for productivity software company, ActSoft.

He’s driven by entrepreneurship, creativity, and personal growth. He finds these passions in everything he does, from working with several successful music projects, to his sales career, and with his role in Opportunities and discovering creative ways to make remarkable differences in people’s lives.

He lives in Winchendon MA with his wife Kayla and his daughter Reagan.

Seth Kelly

Sam Dowse


When Seth Kelley asked Sam if he was interested in investing in Waiver Market and serving as an advisor to the company, Sam's answer was simple, "Absolutely." As Sam says in his own words, "It's not often that you get to participate in a revolutionary new program that anticipated the need for providing choice to consumers and their families long before Medicaid's regulations. But that's exactly what Waiver Market has accomplished."

Prior to a successful business career, attending law school, and becoming corporate legal counsel to a billion dollar investment firm, Sam worked for the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities. Later, as an attorney he had the opportunity to serve and represent a number of non-profit organizations that served consumers and their families.

"Working for New York State during college changed my perspective and understanding of the world and what it truly means to overcome challenges. I'm extremely excited to have the opportunity to serve as an advisor to Waiver Market and to be able to help the company provide choice to consumers and their families. This freedom of choice is a fundamental right which has been denied for far too long to those in our society that need it most. Waiver Market is here to change that."