Waiver Market

How it works

Find residential services in your area • get connected



Find out what services are available near you and compare them. This idea produces great results for lots of other housing markets. Let's see what it will do for our family members.



When you find something you like, we make it easy to tell your case manager so they can help make all the necessary arrangements.



Have peace of mind knowing you have examined the options and made the choice that best fits your waiver needs.  Personal services need to be the right fit.

Transparency and competition are the key drivers of innovation and progress. Let's put 'em to work.

Take charge of your opportunities

Evaluate Medicaid waiver options • communicate with your case manager

Find the right place. Get all the details.

Search for Home and Community Services in your area. Get in-depth information on their featured services, their specialties, resumes, the activities they do weekly, size of the home, location, and much more.



Keep your case manager in the loop. Work together.

Once you have found what you are looking for, easily notify your case manager to let them know what you are interested in. They can tailor your plan to the places and services you like.

Find agencies & services in your area. Learn what they do.

Search our database of agencies for detailed information, service offerings and their contact info.

I should have a choice on where I live and who I live with.


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